Are you worried about how to check the balance of Amex Gift Cards?

Amex Gift Cards

If you have an American Express Gift Card and you want to know the balance in your card’s account before you use the card first to make sure you have enough balance amount to make some purchases, then you should check your card balance. . If you are worried about how to check your Amex Gift Card balance, here are some of the easiest ways to check your American Express Gift Card balance in a number of ways, such as by going to online websites and checking your balance there or by phone by making a toll-free phone call.

Amex Gift Card

Even if you check your card’s available balance by phone or online website, you always need to confirm the number of the card you have and the 3-digit security code on it. If you are confused about where the security code is, we would like to inform you that the security code is printed on the back of the gift card in the signature panel.

Amex Gift Cards

Checking the balance of your Amex gift card :

It is now very easy to check how much is currently on the American Express gift card near you. All you need to do is try one of the following methods:

  • By Online : Visit official website

If you want to see the available balance of Amex Gift Card near you, you can visit the website of American Express Gift Card, from the website, click on the option “Check Balance” and enter the 15-digit gift card number of your card there. Then click “Continue” and a few seconds

 The available balance of your card as well as the list of all transactions made by your card so far will be displayed in front of you on your page.

  • On the phone

To check the balance of your Amex Gift Card, you can call American Express Customer Service at any number 24 * 7 from your nearest phone at 1-877-297-4438 and there will be no charge for calling you. You can get information for free. You can also call and ask for the customer care number found on the back

Your available balance will include all transactions authorized by the merchant of your gift card. Follow the voice prompts as the customer service will tell you when the call is received and feel free to enter the card number you have.

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