Amex Gift Cards

Amex Gift Cards

Amex Gift Cards gives an endless amount of choices. It is a flexible gifting decision for loved ones which will purchase almost anything at many locations. Amex gift cards can customize and offer in a distinct form. We can buy Amex Gift Cards in a couple of ways: online or from nearby retailers, financial institutions or from American Express. Electronic and conventional variants are available for whatever your gifting person likes.

Gifting is an important part of our lives. Everybody cherishes sending and receiving gifts for unique occasions and reasons, be it extraordinary occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, festivals and lots of more! A gift establishes the relationship between the sender and the recipient, and the feelings and emotions.

Therefore, Discover Gift Cards are the best solutions while choosing the perfect gift. With many alternatives of gift cards from top brands additionally as our fail-safe Discover Gift Cards, you’ll make sure about the delight and satisfaction that your gift would give!

How to check Amex gift cards balance

Check your amex gift cards balance before any transaction. It takes just only a few minutes to finish. Cardholder can make it from anywhere, just need to have Internet access.

Step 1:

Turn your amex gift cards and find the toll-free customer service number.

Step 2:

Dial the number listed and follow the guidelines.

Step 3:

You will get your amex gift cards balance.


Step 1:

Open the website

Step 2:

Click on the Check Balance and enter your card number and the security number displayed on the back of the card. Click on the Sign In” button.

Step 3:

You will get your amex gift cards balance.

To make your purchases with an Amex gift card, the process will be the same as if you were to use your personal debit card. You’d enter the number of the gift card, the date of expiration of the card, and the 4-digit security code in your name, billing and shipping addresses.

Few things to consider when using your Amex Gift Card

  • Check your balance:-

You can check your balance on the AMEX Gift Card by going online to and entering the card number and the security code, on the front of the card, or by calling Amex Customer Service at the number retrievable on the back of the card.

  • Look at the balance while shopping

When using your personal debit card, they will not allow your purchase if there were insufficient funds on your Amex Gift Card.

So make sure your order is for an amount equal to or below the balance available on your gift card unless the retailer accepts several payment cards to split the fees.

  • Be aware of pending transactions

Be aware of any pending transactions while checking your Amex Gift Card balance. Note that your gift card balance can show a higher balance than what you spent, as some online retailers will not charge the card until the merchandise ships.

  • Know the Amex Gift Card restrictions:

You can not use your gift card to make other purchases, including

  • ATM withdrawals
  • Recurring bill payments
  • Reservations and deposits

Keep in mind that you cannot “charge back” the purchases you make using your gift card. This means that any cancellations would need to take up with the merchant.

  • Write the card number

Write the AMEX gift card number and the security code and hold it in a secure place so that if you lose your Amex Gift Card, then you immediately call customer service to the number specified on the card information sheet. Please notice that before approaching American Express it will not reimburse you for any funds on the card used.

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